Kadonnut Manner is the solo fingerpicking project and stage name of Lauri Manner of Rovaniemi, Finland. He’s been using it since 2017 for presenting his own mixture of John Fahey school of American Primitive Guitar playing, country blues of Skip James and Mississippi John Hurt, folk music traditions of Finland and elsewhere combined with aesthetics and methods of DIY punk.

Kadonnut Manner’s hypnotic, raw, and cinematic instrumental music expands the country blues form with things borrowed from different folk traditions, 20th century classical music and other inspiring sources, but doesn’t require any prior knowledge from the listener, only an open mind.

So far:

-4 albums of original material + split EP’s and a tape of covers of old and new finnish music arranged for solo guitar

-close to 400 shows all over Europe

-sharing the stage with Gwenifer Raymond, Julien Ledru, Peter Wood, Raoul Eden, Antti Alanko, Andreas Söderström and other European players operating loosely in primitive guitar vein

-playing shows together and opening for Joose Keskitalo, Pekko Käppi, Faarao Pirttikangas, Jukka Nousiainen, Janne Westerlund, Talmud Beach, Jukka Nissinen and other finnish marginal music

-appearances in festivals ranging from the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Folklandia Cruse, Odysseus-festival, Uleåborg Festival of Psychedelia, Hässäkkä-päivät, Umeå Hardcore Festival and finnish club series such as Validi Karkia, Ghetto Blues and Helatorstai-klubi

Lauri Manner (b. 1983, Suomussalmi) is a finnish musician who started out in the 90’s playing bass in various finnish underground punk and rock bands (Out of Tune, Death by Snoo Snoo, Viimeinen Maailmansota). He started his journey in fingerpicking acoustic guitar in 2015 after listening to John Fahey records obsessively for years. His formal music studies are limited to taking trumpet lessons as a child for about 5 years, which he quit short after getting his first punk band together. Since then he’s been a strict autodidact who enjoys learning and experimenting on his own.

Lauri moved to Oulu in 2003 to study computer science in the university there, but ended up mostly making music, organizing events and co-founding cultural non-profits Kulttuuriyhdistys Paskakaupunni ry and Tilaa Kulttuurille ry that are still running. In 2015 he finally got his MSc in from University of Oulu, and hasn’t worked a day in the field after graduating. Since then he’s been picking the guitar all over Europe instead, handling the bass duties in Death by Snoo Snoo, playing the drums and singing in the country/classic rock cover band Bonus, and doing sound and light for live music events and performing arts productions as a “day job” / “side hustle”.

Playing Kadonnut Manner material live is his favorite pastime, so feel free to contact if you’d like to have him playing in your town, club or living room.